Is it Seasonal Allergy?

For over 8 years that i live in this 4 seasons USA i never experience seasonal allergy. But i overheard my friends are talking that if you don’t have seasonal allergy before then now that you are living in US of A you will going to have it. I didn’t really agree at first but now i do.

Seasonal allergy symptoms: itchy teary eyes, runny nose, scratchy throat, head ache and etc.

All i can say is thank you (sarcasm)…

Now, feels like i have this red tomato itchy and runny nose and it feels like i am always sentimental everytime i talk because of the teary eyes. It’s not fun at all that’s pretty much sure. The problem is that i am weany (not sure of the spelling) in taking any medicines. Not that I am scared but i know for an experience the side effects is more worst.

Warning: to all my friends don’t feel bad even if you took your shower and when your near me i will still sneeze not only twice but many times.

I hope i get over this seasonal allergy pretty soon..hopefully.

The scratchy throat is another thing. I woke up this morning with harsh, scratchy, and achy throat. I then drunk apple vinegar thinking the sourness will help. Maybe it helps a little bit.

I have also question if is it seasonal allergy or i am just sick. I have body aches too. Please tell me.

By the way, sorry for telling you this but it’s because it’s my first time to experience this allergy thing. I am sounding like complaining, noisy or whatever. Maybe that’s the side effect of this.

Hopefully i get over this soon. Take care! All of you my family and friends.



Back to Normal Activities

After many weeks i felt good and back to my normal activities and routine.

By the way, before my procedure i had this vintage camper bug. I wish i didn’t read the article of this teenage girl restoring a $200 old camper that she bought using her birthday money. Then turned the old poor condition camper into a glamper (glamorous camper). It’s really inspiring and I am so eager to try to renovate an old camper on my own.

After over a month of waiting and looking for a resonable price vintage camper to renovate or restore i finally found one. This vintage camper is still expensive even the one that is in poor condition like for fixer upper. They asked $1500- $2000, there’s no way i will pay that much of a money for fixer upper old camper.

At first i only want 13-18 feet camper preferably Shasta so it’s lighter but i ended up buying a 23ft. 1974 Reno style body camper made by Teton company. We paid $900 for this vintage camper. It’s still expensive for me but well that’s the way it goes. Maybe if i am the one offer the price is $700 that’s it but Wayne offered $900 whuahh…he doesn’t like to be reminded by me about that😆

Here’s the update of my Teton 1974 Reno style Vintage Camper renovation.

Roof : done cleaning, sealing and coating paint.

Next: Tearing walls and cleaning the inside.

Then replace woods of the rotten area because of roof leak from previous owner that they didn’t fixed.

Note: i have brighter plan for this vintage camper and restore and give it life again.



Thanks for stopping by! Until next update of my camper named “Ensie”time.

My 6th day after hesterescopy

For 3 days after the procedure all i did was lying on my bed and sleeping. But it’s  boring and i tried to arrange  and organize the messy papers in the living room. I thought that I am feeling better but maybe not, my body still need more rest. I felt dizzy every now and then  when i do lighter work.

Times like this i wish i live nearby my parents so they can help me watch Ori while recovering. But only in my wishes…

By the way, over all i feel better each day but i can not lift up 20lbs and above for 2 weeks.

Sigh…I can not wait to go back to my normal activities and routine.

Thanks for reading! MB


My Hesterescopy D & C

20161004_115846I use to have blog many years back but i stopped. For so many reasons and one of the reason is time. But right now, i decided to start to post my blog again and try to update this blog when i can.

By the way, i have a lot of nice things, experiences & happennings to say but i decided to write what is recent and fresh for right now.

First and foremost as what I’ve said in my first post in this blog, I am not a professional writer or not an English major so all i know is that i write and speak from the heart.

I want to start here…

After i gave birth to my son last year of 2015, I decided to focus my time on taking care of my baby boy. I don’t want to miss his growing up and the memories that will not go back if i missed.

Fast forward, last August & September of 2016 i missed my menstruation for over a month. So i bought a preg.test to test if i am pregnant or not. I saw faint line in the pregnancy test but thinking that it might be false positive so i called and make an appointment to see my make it sure.

After my checked up they called me and said the result was negative and that I am not pregnant. I was told i might going to have flow (period) that week or the following week. Then that week i had it and that’s the starting point.

That was the middle of August that i started to bleed and i bleed on and off in that month. In the month of September i bleed everyday and it’s very heavy. But thinking that it’s a call of nature like body cleansing after over a year of giving birth. I decided not to go to the Dr.even though the husband suggested me to see my Dr. I told him i will wait and i waited for many weeks. But i had random bad head aches and started to get dizzy. I listened to the signal of my body so i called to see my Dr. I was scheduled Oct.first week of 2016 to see my Dr. Lindsay.

Then she scheduled the ultrasound in the same week. Then I was referred to the new OB gynecologist since my Dr. is a General doctor. So, Last Oct.12th i met my new OB Gyn.and he scheduled that Oct.4th for my Hesterescopy D and C.

I asked the Dr.many questions what’s the reasons why? I needed the procedure and he explained it to me. He checked my previous record and told me since I had polyps history many years ago, he’s suggested to have the procedure to check. Because there’s a possibility that polyps and cyst in the uterus are coming back.

Last Oct.4th at 11:45am i checked in the hospital. But waited until 3:15pm for the procedure. Pretty much all in all i have no food or drinks for 15 hours. I am very hungry and starving.

The nurse said that there’s a woman a head of me in the surgery room. I figured out maybe there’s something going on in that woman why it takes that long for her in the surgery room.

I started to ponder and say a word of prayer because i don’t know what will going to happened. I pray to God to forgive all my sins and trust in Him even sometimes i don’t. Then pray that all is going well.

I remembered i entered the surgery room at 3:12pm and they put me on the table. Before i sleep i saw the clock and it’s 3:15pm then i’m gone.

I woke up in the recovery room at quarter to 4pm. All i asked what’s the result, is there any wrong in me? and i told them i am so very hungry. I was lightheaded due to the side effect of the anesthesia so the incharge nurse told me to later asked the husband because the Dr.told him the result. I said ok.

…because  i am hungry i devour all the foods that they put on the table and drunk the juice and soup.

After over an hour i get ready and walked out to our car and went home.

I am thankful that the husband have vacation and he took care of Ori so i can rest.

Finally, i asked the result and said that there’s no polyps or cyst but the lining build up after i gave birth and that’s the cause of bleeding. But i am still waiting for the lab result. They scraped tissue inside to test.

Right now, i have all my time resting and taking it easy in my cozy bed.

Thanks for reading! Take care.






What to expect for this blog.

Welcome to my new site! I decided to open and have a specific blog for my real passion. I want it like all in one.

This blog is all about everything i am into. By the way, just a heads up

I am not a professional writer even though i wanted to 🙂 all i know is that i post honest words from the heart so this blog is all about my real passion in life.

What to expect for this blog?

1. All the post is true and real from me unless quoted or credited from other source.

2. It’s all in one blog so, expect that you will read different topics in different categories.

3. Etcetera.