Is it Seasonal Allergy?

For over 8 years that i live in this 4 seasons USA i never experience seasonal allergy. But i overheard my friends are talking that if you don’t have seasonal allergy before then now that you are living in US of A you will going to have it. I didn’t really agree at first but now i do.

Seasonal allergy symptoms: itchy teary eyes, runny nose, scratchy throat, head ache and etc.

All i can say is thank you (sarcasm)…

Now, feels like i have this red tomato itchy and runny nose and it feels like i am always sentimental everytime i talk because of the teary eyes. It’s not fun at all that’s pretty much sure. The problem is that i am weany (not sure of the spelling) in taking any medicines. Not that I am scared but i know for an experience the side effects is more worst.

Warning: to all my friends don’t feel bad even if you took your shower and when your near me i will still sneeze not only twice but many times.

I hope i get over this seasonal allergy pretty soon..hopefully.

The scratchy throat is another thing. I woke up this morning with harsh, scratchy, and achy throat. I then drunk apple vinegar thinking the sourness will help. Maybe it helps a little bit.

I have also question if is it seasonal allergy or i am just sick. I have body aches too. Please tell me.

By the way, sorry for telling you this but it’s because it’s my first time to experience this allergy thing. I am sounding like complaining, noisy or whatever. Maybe that’s the side effect of this.

Hopefully i get over this soon. Take care! All of you my family and friends.



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