Back to Normal Activities

After many weeks i felt good and back to my normal activities and routine.

By the way, before my procedure i had this vintage camper bug. I wish i didn’t read the article of this teenage girl restoring a $200 old camper that she bought using her birthday money. Then turned the old poor condition camper into a glamper (glamorous camper). It’s really inspiring and I am so eager to try to renovate an old camper on my own.

After over a month of waiting and looking for a resonable price vintage camper to renovate or restore i finally found one. This vintage camper is still expensive even the one that is in poor condition like for fixer upper. They asked $1500- $2000, there’s no way i will pay that much of a money for fixer upper old camper.

At first i only want 13-18 feet camper preferably Shasta so it’s lighter but i ended up buying a 23ft. 1974 Reno style body camper made by Teton company. We paid $900 for this vintage camper. It’s still expensive for me but well that’s the way it goes. Maybe if i am the one offer the price is $700 that’s it but Wayne offered $900 whuahh…he doesn’t like to be reminded by me about that😆

Here’s the update of my Teton 1974 Reno style Vintage Camper renovation.

Roof : done cleaning, sealing and coating paint.

Next: Tearing walls and cleaning the inside.

Then replace woods of the rotten area because of roof leak from previous owner that they didn’t fixed.

Note: i have brighter plan for this vintage camper and restore and give it life again.



Thanks for stopping by! Until next update of my camper named “Ensie”time.


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