My Hesterescopy D & C

20161004_115846I use to have blog many years back but i stopped. For so many reasons and one of the reason is time. But right now, i decided to start to post my blog again and try to update this blog when i can.

By the way, i have a lot of nice things, experiences & happennings to say but i decided to write what is recent and fresh for right now.

First and foremost as what I’ve said in my first post in this blog, I am not a professional writer or not an English major so all i know is that i write and speak from the heart.

I want to start here…

After i gave birth to my son last year of 2015, I decided to focus my time on taking care of my baby boy. I don’t want to miss his growing up and the memories that will not go back if i missed.

Fast forward, last August & September of 2016 i missed my menstruation for over a month. So i bought a preg.test to test if i am pregnant or not. I saw faint line in the pregnancy test but thinking that it might be false positive so i called and make an appointment to see my make it sure.

After my checked up they called me and said the result was negative and that I am not pregnant. I was told i might going to have flow (period) that week or the following week. Then that week i had it and that’s the starting point.

That was the middle of August that i started to bleed and i bleed on and off in that month. In the month of September i bleed everyday and it’s very heavy. But thinking that it’s a call of nature like body cleansing after over a year of giving birth. I decided not to go to the Dr.even though the husband suggested me to see my Dr. I told him i will wait and i waited for many weeks. But i had random bad head aches and started to get dizzy. I listened to the signal of my body so i called to see my Dr. I was scheduled Oct.first week of 2016 to see my Dr. Lindsay.

Then she scheduled the ultrasound in the same week. Then I was referred to the new OB gynecologist since my Dr. is a General doctor. So, Last Oct.12th i met my new OB Gyn.and he scheduled that Oct.4th for my Hesterescopy D and C.

I asked the Dr.many questions what’s the reasons why? I needed the procedure and he explained it to me. He checked my previous record and told me since I had polyps history many years ago, he’s suggested to have the procedure to check. Because there’s a possibility that polyps and cyst in the uterus are coming back.

Last Oct.4th at 11:45am i checked in the hospital. But waited until 3:15pm for the procedure. Pretty much all in all i have no food or drinks for 15 hours. I am very hungry and starving.

The nurse said that there’s a woman a head of me in the surgery room. I figured out maybe there’s something going on in that woman why it takes that long for her in the surgery room.

I started to ponder and say a word of prayer because i don’t know what will going to happened. I pray to God to forgive all my sins and trust in Him even sometimes i don’t. Then pray that all is going well.

I remembered i entered the surgery room at 3:12pm and they put me on the table. Before i sleep i saw the clock and it’s 3:15pm then i’m gone.

I woke up in the recovery room at quarter to 4pm. All i asked what’s the result, is there any wrong in me? and i told them i am so very hungry. I was lightheaded due to the side effect of the anesthesia so the incharge nurse told me to later asked the husband because the Dr.told him the result. I said ok.

…because  i am hungry i devour all the foods that they put on the table and drunk the juice and soup.

After over an hour i get ready and walked out to our car and went home.

I am thankful that the husband have vacation and he took care of Ori so i can rest.

Finally, i asked the result and said that there’s no polyps or cyst but the lining build up after i gave birth and that’s the cause of bleeding. But i am still waiting for the lab result. They scraped tissue inside to test.

Right now, i have all my time resting and taking it easy in my cozy bed.

Thanks for reading! Take care.







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